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A photo of a sandwich on ciabatta bread with pork adobo, pickled veggies, and mayonnaise.

The Dreamweaver

Slow-cooked pork adobo, pickled veggies, with sweet & spicy mayo.

A photo of a sandwich on a baguette with cheese, corn, and avocado mash.

The Cornucopia

Melted mozzarella, sweet and spicy avocado mash, and grilled corn.

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A photo of dumplings in a cauldron. One dumpling is cut in half to reveal its purple center. Next to the cauldron is a ramekin with dipping sauce.

Purple Yam Dumplings

Crispy on the outside and perfectly tender on the inside, with a dipping sauce on the side.

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A photo of a cauldron filled with bread pudding. The bread pudding is green and lightly crispy on top. On top of the bread pudding is a thick ube sauce, piped into circles.

Brewed Pudding

A pandan-infused bread pudding with luscious swirls of ube and served in a warm and cozy cauldron.

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A photo of a glittering blue and pink drink. In the background, a potion bottle and some dice.

Fizzy Philter

A refreshing and ethereal blend of guava, lime, and sparkling soda, topped with butterfly pea tea and a sprinkle of mystical glitter.

A photo of a green drink surrounded by leaves and dice.

Bog Witch

A vibrant and mysterious concoction of lemonade, ginger, and matcha.

A photo of a pink drink with a single strawberry slice on the rim. In the background are leaves, dice, and strawberry slices.


An elixir made up of delicate jasmine tea, lemongrass syrup, and sweet strawberries, topped with a dash of glitter.