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A photo of a fake animal skull with horns inside of a glass display case. It is lit with an eerie green light and a glass pumpkin sits in the background. Hexes & Brews is a board game cafe with a witchy, magical theme. In our witch's cottage you will find bright open spaces with comfortable seating, a large library of board games to peruse, and a selection of food and drinks to stay hydrated and well fed for those long days around the table. Our menu features casual Vietnamese and Filipino fusion food, and a variety of fun and refreshing "potions".

A photo of a lit up crystal ball along with six tarot dice on top of a fuzzy fabric. With over 300 board games in our library (and more to come), we have games suitable for all ages and levels of play. For a fee, you will have access to our entire library of games for the day. Whether you're a new player just getting into board games or you're a seasoned board game enthusiast we hope you'll join us for an afternoon of adventure and magic!

A photo of a shelf of board games. A coffin with a skeleton and roses sits on display in front of the games. Our mission is to build a community, providing an inclusive environment for anyone interested in board games. In the future we plan to host tabletop and board game events, welcoming gamers from all over southern California - keep an eye out for our events, and we hope to see you soon!

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